Mid-size Stationary Energy Storage System

Products using the Bind BatteryTM technology

The Bind BatteryTM uses the 24V system virtual cell as the basic module. By increasing a number of connections of the virtual cells in series or in parallel depending on applications, the voltage and the capacity can be adjusted to meet the required specification.

A mid-size stationary energy storage system as backup power for offices, laboratories, or hospitals. It can also be used as an off-grid power source for an area where power is not available from an electric power network.

Major Applications

By storing inexpensive electricity at night and using it during daytime, the Bind BatteryTM system reduces the overall electricity cost. It also helps to reduce the peak power demand and provides uninterrupted power backup in emergencies.

  • Backup power for a specific load in emergencies at offices, laboratories, or hospitals
  • Peak cut / Peak shift (Option)
  • Power-leveling of renewable energy
  • Off-grid power supply


The Bind BatteryTM can comprise a low-cost and high-safety energy storage system

  • CONNEXX SYSTEMS’ proprietary technology “Bind BatteryTM” provides high safety.
  • Cost reduction by as much as 40% compared with 100% lithium ion batteries. (*)
  • Uninterrupted power supply during a power failure.
  • Long life of 3,000 cycles. (*)
  • * It varies depending on specifications, battery capacity, and other factors.

An Example of System Application

Backup Energy Storage System in emergencies at public facilities (32kWh)

  • This is the power storage system of emergency at the time of a power failure.
  • It is possible to use in combination with a solar power generation system.
  • It features a low-cost and high-safety energy storage system with characteristics of the Bind BatteryTM system.